Thursday, 9 October 2014

~ Summer Suits and My Fabulous Fatkini ~

Although summer has come and gone (this post is so late, gah!), I felt it absolutely necessary and vital to share with you all the fabulous swimsuits that I rocked all summer that made me feel like the gorgeous fat mermaid that I am.

Aren't we all fat mermaids at heart?

If you're like me, you are! And what better way to show off your mystical mermaid-goddess self than to rock a Chubby Cartwheels mermaid fatkini!

I custom-ordered this suit from Chubby Cartwheels, choosing the hot-pink fabric and adding straps to my bandeau top. This swimsuit was extremely gorgeous, comfortable, and completely makes a statement. I had girls of all shapes and sizes wanting my suit when I wore it at the beach. But no surprise there. I styled this suit with some  hot pink lipstick, heart-shaped sunglasses, and my "Priestess Crown" from Wendy Nichol.

Going along the theme of "scales" - another suit I loved to wear this summer was my gold dragon-scale suit from Chubby Cartwheels. Inspired by my love for all things Khaleesi, this dragon-scale suit definitely made me feel hot and on fire at the beach!

Lastly, I found this absolutely gorgeousss swimsuit on eBay. It's a one-piece gem - a white Marilyn Monroe swimsuit covered in little red roses. The fit is absolutely perfect (and great for a pear-shaped girl like myself) and gives that classic-one-piece look. Also I love anything with roses on it. I styled this suit with white, heart "Lolita" sunglasses, a black bow and some bold red lips.

Beautiful, sexy swimwear is not longer something only reserved for the thin - there is now some gorgeous plus size swimwear that's available to women of all bigger sizes. Don't let the beach stop you from being fierce - remember to always be a mermaid, both in and out of the water. 

Monday, 8 July 2013



You guyyyyyyys!

Okay, so - you know how I love everything and anything British? I have always been a lovely (not-so) little Canadian Anglophile, but my excitement and love for the British are about to hit the roof!

My blog is one of the top six nominees for a British Plus Size Award 2013 in "the Best Blogger and Journalist" category! Please VOTE for me! 

 All of the nominees are incredible people and companies that have brought positive influence to the plus-size community, and definitely deserve your support and recognition! We all fight the good fight, don't we? So please take a moment to give your VOTE to "The Glitter Thread" and to all of the people and brands you believe deserve to be recognized for their efforts and influences this year. ♥ 


THANK YOU for all of your support and for your votes. KISS KISS and all the love you can handle from me. ;)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

~ SKORCH MAGAZINE High Fashion Issue ~ Featuring Chubby Cartwheels

Hello all my lovely blog readers!

Now, for those of you who are not yet familiar, Skorch Magazine's March Isuue is live now! This month's inspiration? High Fashion. This month's issue features some absolutely gorgeoussss editorials - one shot by the amazingly talented Captured by Chelzea, featuring the beautiful plus model, Jessica Jerome - and the other shot by the talented Emilie Collier, featuring plus model Ava Sfez. We also have an exclusive look at some fab new items from Skorch Blogger (and my lovely friend) Shawna and her edgy plus-size online shop Chubby Cartwheels

And oh, who might that be gracing the pages of this month's High Fashion Issue? She looks familiar, you say? Okay, okay - I'll quit playing coy. Yes, myself (and other lovely Skorch Bloggers) took our own spin on a high-fashion street-inspired look.

I just *adore* epaulettes. We can surely thank Mrs Jones for the popularity of this high-fashion trend, creating the look that has been popular with artists, pop-stars and their music video/concert wear. Ever since they have come on the scene, I have been absolutely obsessed. I love how adding epaulettes to a shirt, dress or jacket immediately bumps the item up into the high-fashion zone, adding a military/warrior/royal/tribal flare to your garment. You can`t get more "Courtney" than that, dearies.

For my shoot, I took my favourite new item - a black velvet bodysuit from Chubby Cartwheels, and paired it with some black tights. The feature here is the bodysuit and the jacket - thus, I didn't want to wear anything distracting on my legs (although, depending on who you are, I'm sure my thunder-thighs serve as a delightful distraction). I took a black leather motor-jacket from Lane Bryant (an old trusty/love from my closet) and added a feather epaulette to the shoulder for that whimsical, warrior-like inspiration for the look.

I'm looking fierce. And I mean - fierce. I could kick some major ass in this outfit.


The bodysuit is absolutely amazing. Not only is it profoundly comfortable, but it has *so many possibilities* for use. You can easily pair this bodysuit with a pair of pants (go for that 90s-hipster look), a short or long skirt (a wide belt is calling my name!) or even a pair of studded-denim shorts if you're feeling daring (which, girls - you should be).

Make sure to check out my girl's store Chubby Cartwheels for some amazing, edgy-clothing that is sure to inspire you.

And also make sure you check out the latest issue of SKORCH MAGAZINE for editorials, lookbooks, Blogger photos and more! <3

That's all, my lovelies! Kiss kiss and stay fierce!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

~ Crossing Lines with Domino Dollhouse ~

If you haven't already been lurking/oogling/wanting/shopping/loving/drooling on the Domino Dollhouse Website, then I suggest you catch up with the rest of us fatshionistas and become familiar right now.

Domino Dollhouse is one of my favourite online plus-size clothing stores of all time. What I love most about this store is that it's young, edgy, risky, and makes a statement. DD has a very loud, bold and distinct brand image - you can always tell when a piece of fashion is from Domino Dollhouse. It's also creative and different - something that's difficult to find in the plus-size fashion world of mom jeans, graphic tees and secretary dresses.

Leave it to Domino Dollhouse to take the popular fashion trend of leggings and turn them into a statement piece for all us plus-size girls. Not only do leggings from DD stretch and fit the even the biggest of thunder thighs (like my own) and are eeeextremely comfortable, but they make any top or dress *pop*!

Thus, when I opened my lovely little pink package from Domino Dollhouse, I couldn't wait to doll-up with the white and black striped leggings and the Lovely Tee in Black.

I love how Domino Dollhouse  isn't afraid to do something a little different when it comes to the design of their clothing - the leggings, well - they speak for themselves. But as for the black "Lovely Tee", I was quite taken by the way the cut was made off-center and interesting. The top (on moi) is quite cropped, and then loops and hangs low from one side of the sleeve all the way down the back of the top. It makes for interesting lines when considering the outfit as a whole. I also like how you could work with layers with this top.

Pulled together with some punk accessories and my grandfather's old stopwatch, I went for a "Down-the-Rabbit-Hole" influenced look - Tim Burton's punky Alice in Wonderland-style.

 Right now, Domino Dollhouse has an amazing new Astralnauts Collection that is out-of-this-world. No, seriously. It's pretty amaze. I suggest you go check it out and see what every other fat girl in the galaxy are raving about right now!

Happy Dressing at Domino Dollhouse, Dolls!

Monday, 24 December 2012


 If you haven't already checked out SKORCH MAGAZINE'S NOVEMBER MUSIC ISSUE - do it NOW! One of Skorch Magazine's most fabulous issues, if I do say so myself - and yours truly is featured inside. Go check it out! <3

It has to be said. Music is my muse. I mean, it's a muse for pretty much everyone, isn't it? Especially when it comes to fashion. I have always taken musical artists and used them as inspiration for my own fashion sense and self-expression. Lately, my favourites have included the lovely Lana Del Rey, the seXy Xtina (or Christina Aguilera, for those of you who aren't on an Xtina name-basis) and finally - Kelly Osbourne.

I haven't been a huge fan of Kelly Osbourne's music in the past (is she even making music still?) however, I am completely, madlyyy in love with her style recently! I know, I know - she lost a lot of weight. But I don't hate the girl for it - you do whatever is best for you, whether you rock your curves or trade them in for something more svelt. But what Kelly lost in weight, she gained in STYLE. Have you seen this girl lately?! She has completely classed-up her look whilst still keeping a punk-rock flare - all whilst looking flawlessly feminine.

Now, I have taken and extra-special liking to Miss Osbournes HAIR. I am in hair heaven. The liac colour sets off her features beautifully. It pops (as alternative hair is want to do) yet still remains soft and extremely feminine. Being obsessed with anything pastel-hair, I just had to transform my own platinum locks into a lilac mane. For this, I use my favourite brand of hair dye: "Lilac" from La Riche Directions hair colour line. What I love about this colour is that it washes out after 3 weeks- a month (depending on how often you wash your hair). The gentle fade of the lilac will keep looking beautiful as it washes I can have the colour without the total commitment.

 Kelly Osbourne also tends to rock classy, feminine dresses and fashion lately, but always keeps a bit of punk flare in her look. Inspired by the lovely Miss Osbourne, I have fashioned my own outfit that consists of black tights, a black sparkle skirt, a black mesh bodysuit (with a black bra underneath) and accessorized with a black belt, a punk-spiked bracelet in both black and gold, and some purple sequin flats to highlight the punk-pink lipstick I'm wearing. Feminine, punk, soft and hard at the same time. A beautiful combination, and one I very much enjoy werkinggggg.

 So, if you want to achieve this soft, punk-rock-princess look for yourself, get your pastel-hair on and bring out the black to rock, giiirl!

Hair dye ~ La Riche Directions Hair Colour
Bodysuit ~ Chubby Cartwheels
Bra ~ Addition Elle
Belt ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Aldo
Skirt ~ DIY (made from an old dress)
Bracelets ~ ebay

Happy Fatshion, Ladies!
   Peace, Love and Integrity

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

~Khaleesi Blonde~


If it wasn;t already obvious from my last post, yes ~ I went and dyed my hair "Khaleesi Blonde" (or "platinum blonde" for those of you who are not Game of Thrones fans). You know me and my hair. Always needing to change it up and re-invent myself.

I decided on the Khaleesi Blonde since I've actually never been totally platinum-blonde before. I had that half-platinum/half black hair that was cool in the early 2000's when Christina went through her "Dirty" phase (you all know what I'm talking about) - but that's about it. So I decided to take the plunge and I just went for it.

Of course, it's been a few different variations of "blonde" since colouring it. It went in three stages: yellow, pearl-lilac, and then white. Let the hair/whore-ing photos commence!

Yellow-blonde (with black extensions in)


Me and my Adam, who was responsible for transforming my hair to a lilac/white instead of yellow <3

  I'm totally loving the Khaleesi Blonde ~ what do you lovelies think? I love that I can wear extensions and add colour to it whenever I feel in the mood to colour/change it up. I plan on keeping and weeeerking this hair for a while.