Tuesday, 29 November 2016

~ ADDITION ELLE Size 26 Now Available In Everything!~

ADDITION ELLE is one of my favourite Canadian brands to buy plus size clothing from, as they really know how to bring fashion to the table. I've loved their sexy lingerie (Deese and the Ashley Graham Collection especially), fun and flirty styles and fashion-forward pieces for years now, and it's always my go-to place to shop when I want to find some real statement pieces for my wardrobe.

However, until recently, ADDITION ELLE has only offered their clothing up to a size 24, and this has been quite problematic for the plus size shopper. As someone who wears anywhere from a size 22-30 (thanks to my body shape, and depending on the style/fit/cut of the garment), there were a lot of things I found I couldn't wear or fit into at ADDITION ELLE. And I wasn't the only one - many other plus size customers have voiced that they felt disappointed that the brand didn't offer a larger sizing, and with the use of models size 12/14, they felt the brand didn't appeal or speak to them as women who fell into the bigger end of the plus-size sizing scale.

So when I was contacted by ADDITION ELLE to be the face (and body!) of their new size 26 launch, I couldn't have been more thrilled/excited. Not only were they listening to their customers and extending their sizing in everything available at the store, but they were using a Canadian "size 26 model" (since I wear a size 22-30, I fall right in the middle) to showcase this amazing news! Ladies, we asked and they listened!

I had an absolute blast at the studio modeling the new sizing in some seriously fabulous pieces (all that were size 26) - take a look:

You can check out some of these photos and find the links to some of these gorgeous pieces (that are perfect for the holidays!) at the ADDITION ELLE Blog

Special thanks to the amazing team at the ADDITION ELLE studio that day who helped me look and feel my most fabulous, and to my friend Samantha who was my travel-partner and support during the fantastic experience.

~Penningtons Holiday Makeup Magic~

Looking for some fabulous makeup looks for the holidays this year? Check out my blog post on the Penningtons Blog for two fabulous looks that are perfect for your holiday family dinners and parties!

Look #1 - Family Dinner

Look # 2 - Holiday Party 

Check out the details at the Penningtons Blog!

Happy Holidays, my loves!

~Chubby Cartwheels Curves Reign II Collection~

Last year, I teamed up with indie plus size designer Shawna Farmer of Chubby Cartwheels to co-design the plus size fashion collection called the Curves Reign Collection, which featured the beloved Boleyn Dress, a maxi-length sheer dress that came in both mesh and lace. This dress (and the entire collection) captured my love for royal-inspired fashion, which I believe helps to bring out your own inner Queen. 

This year, Chubby Cartwheels and I teamed up once again to bring some royal, witchy, fairy-tale -inspired fashion to the plus size community with the Curves Reign II Collection.

This year's collection featured another maxi-length dress (called the "Stevie" Dress, an ode to Stevie Nicks) only we changed the fabric to a lovely stretch-cotton, and added some drama to the sleeves by making them draped and voluminous.

This gorgeous dress can be worn all season long (depending on what accessories you want to rock with it) and comes in dusty rose pink, grey, and black.

Next, we decided to bring even more witchy, fairy-tale inspo to the collection by including Velvet Hooded Capelets - available in "Red Riding Hood" red, or "Witch of the Woods" black.

Next, we wanted to incorporate my love for florals by creating yet another "Courtney" Skater Dress. When I spoke with Shawna about what I was thinking, she knew just what I wanted, and showed me a fabric that I absolutely fell in love with instantly.

Lastly, we wanted to include an accessory that would be worthy of any fashion queen, and thus the Queen Cartwheels Choker was selected; This elaborate lace and chain choker is the statement piece you have been waiting for.  It has a gold lace design that lays around your neck with an adjustable chain in the back and delicate gold chains draping against your chest and around your shoulders for a regal look that will have people turning heads.

It was an absolute dream  to once again collaborate with this amazing designer (and one of my best friends) to create another whimsical, dreamy, royal fairy-tale inspired collection. Here's wishing all my fellow #Queens fierceness and strength while rocking these pieces in all their fabulous glory!

Photography: Shawna Farmer
Hair and Makeup: Courtney Mina

* Special thanks to Phil (my bae) and Steph Ross, who helped out behind the scenes during this photoshoot.

Girl, you're a Queen, and your #curvesreign <3!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

~ Vanity Planet Review ~

Well hello there all my lovelies! ^_^

Okay, so most of you have figured out by now that not only am I fashion-obsessed, but also beauty-obsessed. Throughout my young adult life, I have trialed and tried a plethora of various beauty products, always in hope of stumbling upon that Holy Grail of beauty that will change my life forever.

Well, I've been both disappointed and triumphant in my quest for beauty, and whenever I'm successful, I feel it my inner-most duty to share it with all of you. Because honestly, there's nothing I appreciate more than an honest word-of-mouth.

That's why when I was approached by Vanity Planet to test out one of their products, "Spin for Perfect Skin," I was a little skeptical at first. I mean, while some brands truly stand by what they sell, others are simply just trying to push a product that doesn't always work. But this was a skincare product very similar to a previous product I have used years ago (a Clarisonic), and so I was eager to see if it would prove to be beneficial as I've found the Clarisonic to be in the past.

As always when giving products a try, I decided to use the spin-brush for a trial-period of several weeks in order to see and notice results (if there were, in fact, any to notice at all). Gotta give it an honest go, after all.

 Well, I'm actually really thrilled to tell you guys that it works. Not only does my skin feel smoother, but using the spin-brush every night (when washing my face and taking off my makeup) has also visibly lessened the red bumps that I always have on my face. Just like the Clarisonic I've used in the past, you can definitely notice that this brush deep-cleans into your pores, removes more dirt, oil and makeup than simply by using your hands, and leaves your skin softer and visibly smoother.

No makeup, no filter selfie! Taken right after using the Spin for Perfect Skin!
What's even better about the Spin for Perfect Skin brush though, is that it comes with 4 different brushes: a cleansing brush, a body brush, an exfoliating brush, and a pumice stone (one of my personal favourites!). The brush heads pop easily in and out, so that I can interchange them easily when I'm in the shower. I use the pumice brush on my feet in the shower, and it's done wonders for keeping my feet smooth. The body brush is amazing for using on elbows. The brush is also water-proof, so you can take it into the shower with you and completely go to town. It also isn't on a "timer" as the Clarisonic is (something that always annoyed me) so you have complete control over the brush (which comes in handy when you're using it on your feet and body, especially). It's powered by batteries, which sounds a little annoying, but honestly - I've been using it everyday for weeks now, and it's still going strong. It also comes in some really cute colours, too.

The best part? The PRICE. I can tell you that the Spin for Perfect Skin brush has given me the same results on my face as the Clarisonic, only it's so much more affordable. While a Clarisonic generally ranges from $145.00-$185.00, the Spin For Perfect Skin brush (with all the heads!) is $100.00. BUT - what's even better is that Vanity Planet is offering a 70% off coupon-code to my followers who absolutely need this skincare brush in their life.

That makes this amazing brush only $30, you guys. $30.00!!! This is absolutely brilliant, because this makes it affordable for everyone. So if you're interested in picking up this gem (and absolute beauty must-have!) for yourself, here's the information:

Spin for Perfect Skin
Coupon Code: GlitterThread
70% discount off $100
Final cost - $30

(Oh, and just a little personal note - I don't get a percentage of the sales, so you can rest assured that this isn't some push to make some moolah for myself. I generally love this product, and really wanted you guys to take advantage of this amazing deal).

That's it for this beauty review, my darlings! Happy beautifying and staying gorgeous! MWAH! <3

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

~ Summertime Gladness ~

So, my lovely man and I traveled to Montreal, Canada for a Lana Del Rey (my queen, my goddess, my muse and spirit animal) concert featuring Grimes (who was amazinggggg) a few weeks ago. Le sigh, Lana was absolutely perfect as usual...I left the concert on a complete high, feeling absolutely enchanted.

The day after the concert, the man and I decided to enjoy our last day in Montreal, and I decided to dress for the occasion. The air was extremely humid (gewww!) since it rained almost the entire time, so that meant the hair had to be UP. I put on one of my most comfortable dresses that I own: the Antoinette Dress from Chubby Cartwheels, and threw on a sleeveless kimono from Addition Elle for a little more romance and whimsy (always must have the romance and whimsy!)

I wore black leggings (my wardrobe and OOTD staple), wound an elastic rose headband around my bun (creative accessorizing!), put on my favourite gold-rose necklace from GUESS, and finished off the entire look by carrying around my phone in my favourite case from Moschino.

You can also find my look in the latest summer issue of Skorch Magazine, along with a #GameofThrones quiz I wrote! This issue is actually one of my favourite issues to date - SO many hot, sexy, gorgeous and confident body-positive babes in sexy summer-wear! Make sure you go check it out!

~ The Boleyn Dress From Chubby Cartwheels ~

So, my pride and joy "The Boleyn Dress," a collaborative design by myself (hello) and Shawna from Chubby Cartwheels, was a huge hit. And honestly, that doesn't surprise me. If I'm allowed to get a little cocky here (oh alright, pull my arm!) I knew that the dress would be well-received. If it's something that I really want and love, I can guarantee others will want and love it as well.

Once the dress was released, I asked my darling friend Shawna if she would make me some more (because I am obsessed with our dress) but using different fabrics: one in black mesh, one in black lace, and one in white lace. The results were every whimsical witch-bitch's dream.

There is just SO much you can do with this dress. You can wear it on it's own (with a bodysuit underneath, and leggings if you're so inclined). You can wear it over another dress, wear a skirt beneath it, or even wear it as a bathing suit cover up (for your witchy beach daze!). The dress is so versatile, and just so elegant and regal (and something you can't find anywhere else, I might add). And what's even better - you can now own one, too! The Boleyn dresses have now been re-released at Chubby Cartwheels in the black mesh and the black lace (because they are too fierce not to share with the world). Remember that Shawna hand-makes each and every dress, so you'll have to catch them when they are not sold out, and allow several weeks for it's creation. But trust me, it's worth it.