Wednesday, 17 June 2015

~ Summertime Gladness ~

So, my lovely man and I traveled to Montreal, Canada for a Lana Del Rey (my queen, my goddess, my muse and spirit animal) concert featuring Grimes (who was amazinggggg) a few weeks ago. Le sigh, Lana was absolutely perfect as usual...I left the concert on a complete high, feeling absolutely enchanted.

The day after the concert, the man and I decided to enjoy our last day in Montreal, and I decided to dress for the occasion. The air was extremely humid (gewww!) since it rained almost the entire time, so that meant the hair had to be UP. I put on one of my most comfortable dresses that I own: the Antoinette Dress from Chubby Cartwheels, and threw on a sleeveless kimono from Addition Elle for a little more romance and whimsy (always must have the romance and whimsy!)

I wore black leggings (my wardrobe and OOTD staple), wound an elastic rose headband around my bun (creative accessorizing!), put on my favourite gold-rose necklace from GUESS, and finished off the entire look by carrying around my phone in my favourite case from Moschino.

You can also find my look in the latest summer issue of Skorch Magazine, along with a #GameofThrones quiz I wrote! This issue is actually one of my favourite issues to date - SO many hot, sexy, gorgeous and confident body-positive babes in sexy summer-wear! Make sure you go check it out!

~ The Boleyn Dress From Chubby Cartwheels ~

So, my pride and joy "The Boleyn Dress," a collaborative design by myself (hello) and Shawna from Chubby Cartwheels, was a huge hit. And honestly, that doesn't surprise me. If I'm allowed to get a little cocky here (oh alright, pull my arm!) I knew that the dress would be well-received. If it's something that I really want and love, I can guarantee others will want and love it as well.

Once the dress was released, I asked my darling friend Shawna if she would make me some more (because I am obsessed with our dress) but using different fabrics: one in black mesh, one in black lace, and one in white lace. The results were every whimsical witch-bitch's dream.

There is just SO much you can do with this dress. You can wear it on it's own (with a bodysuit underneath, and leggings if you're so inclined). You can wear it over another dress, wear a skirt beneath it, or even wear it as a bathing suit cover up (for your witchy beach daze!). The dress is so versatile, and just so elegant and regal (and something you can't find anywhere else, I might add). And what's even better - you can now own one, too! The Boleyn dresses have now been re-released at Chubby Cartwheels in the black mesh and the black lace (because they are too fierce not to share with the world). Remember that Shawna hand-makes each and every dress, so you'll have to catch them when they are not sold out, and allow several weeks for it's creation. But trust me, it's worth it.

~ The #CurvesReign Collection for Chubby Cartwheels ~

When the talented and amazing Shawna, the genius behind Chubby Cartwheels, asked me to collaborate with her for a #CurvesReign (my Instagram hashtag, for those of you who aren't familiar) I was completely delighted and jumped at the opportunity. Me? Help design clothing? This is only my absolute dream come true!

Because she wanted the collection to be inspired by my style, creating pieces that reflected what I love in fashion was extremely important. So that means something a little whimsical, a little goth, and really girly.

We decided to do a line that included a graphic "Curves Reign" tee, a cotton skater skirt, and a cotton skater dress in a pastel pink we named the "Antoinette Dress" (inspired by my personal love for famous queens). These pieces were things Shawna had already previously designed, we just tweaked the fabrics and the colour options.

But the pièce de résistance was the Boleyn Dress. I had been seeing high necked, long-sleeved maxi dresses coming off the runways lately, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I rarely saw anything of that design available in plus sizes. Because Shawna is a beast when it comes to mesh bodysuits, I thought that we could take her mesh-magic a step further, and create a plus size mesh maxi dress. 

After the collection was finished, I flew from my Canadian home to the absolutely magical place that is Portland, OR. I procured myself some absolutely beautiful crowns (for a queen) hand-made from leather, and Shawna found some leather suspenders to add a little "edge" to the outfits, and Shawna had in mind the most perfect location for the shoot.

The end result was complete and utter *magic*. Not only did I look like a queen, but I felt like one, too. After all, the hashtag #curvesreign expresses a sense of feeling strong, confident, and beautiful in your curves/body, and ruling your life like a QUEEN, baby!

You can still find most of these pieces at Chubby Cartwheels, although if you want a Boleyn Dress for yourself, you have to act fast as they sell out profoundly quickly.

Kisses, my fellow Queens! Always remember that your #curvesreign!

Friday, 21 November 2014

~ Renaissance Woman ~

Art has always been an inspiration in my life. I've always been one who loved to paint, craft, and go to galleries and museums to stare and wonder at all the amazing pieces of art in this world. One of my absolute favourite forms of art are Renaissance paintings, depicting gods and goddesses and their tales, beautiful human forms and celebrated bodies. "The Birth of Venus" by Italian painter Sandro Botticelli (who was friends with the infamous Medici family, who commissioned the painting) has to be one of my all-time favourites. The painting makes me absolutely swoon - what could be more romantic and beautiful than Venus herself, the Goddess of Love?

As I'm so inspired by art, I decided to become a version of walking-art myself, and incorportated the painting into an outfit. I found a "Birth of Venus" shirt on eBay, paired it with some black tights and my Chubby Cartwheels black faux-leather skater skirt, threw on a wing collar-necklace and my "Love Story" pocket-book clutch. The results were whimsical, fun and romantic.

Life immitates art, and art immitates life. I always try and express my love for all things artistic and beautiful through fashion and my wardrobe. Don't ever be afraid to try something bold and different with your style. Go ahead - be a Renaissance Woman!

Friday, 31 October 2014

~ Witchcraft and Wizardry ~

Well Happy Halloween and Samhain, my lovely darklings! Halloween is my favourite time of year, and always has been since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with witches. As a girl, I used to watch the show "Worst Witch" religiously.  In "Hocus Pocus" I adored the Sanderson Sisters and wanted to be SJP's character "Sarah" so intenesely after I originally saw the film, that I used to walk around the house singing "Come Little Children". When "Harry Potter" came out, I was obsessed with going to Hogwarts. My favourite play when I was young was "The Crucible", and I have always loved the dark, magical loveliness of witches. The spells, the long hair, the all-black-everything...I wanted to possess magic more than anything in the world.

It wasn't just in film, books and television that I loved witches. I actually hold some pagan beliefs and traditions. I've casted spells by the full (and new) moons. I've practiced psychometry. I've done tarot readings, and continue to do oracle card readings quite often. And I've always, always had a pet cat.

In celebration of Halloween, Samhain, and my love for witches, I decided to wear an outfit completely inspired by Witch Fashion (witch is one of my favourite kinds of fashion). And by the way, this is totally an outfit I would wear any day of the year. It just so happens that it's much more appropriate for Halloween.

I put a spell on you...

So, everything is black, black, black! I started off with some black leggings and black victorian-inspired boots from Penningtons. I then donned my ouija cardian from Domino Dollhouse, and a black pleated pleather skirt that I got from eBay. I finished it off with a collar from Etsy, a black hat from Aldo, my vintage turquoise ring, and several accessories from one of my faaaaavourite stores ever, Gypsy Warrior (the MAGIC cluth, Gypsy Warrior ouija phone case, "Ouija" ring and "Magic Made Me Do It" ring). I'm also wearing giant pentagram earrings from Killstar, black lipstick, black nail polish, and a black cat tattoo on my arm. Puurrrrrfect.

Sigh, this witch wishes that it could be autumn and Samhain all year round...

Happy Haunting, my fellow witch-bitches!

Monday, 27 October 2014

~ Dark Queen of the Wild ~

Animal print. We all love it (well, most of us bold, adventurous fashion-types anyway) - but it's not always a print that's easy to pull off. Luckily, leopard print is one of the easiest animal-prints to pull off (and it seems to stay quiet popular year after year). From vintage leopard-print coats (just coat me in the stuff!) to a more subtle choice in let's say a scarf or a glove, leopard print never fails to add a little bold, sexy wildness to your outfit.

So when Chubby Cartwheels came out with plus size leopard-print leggings, I pawed at the oppurtunity and ordered a pair immediately. Not only are these leggings effing *fabulous*, but the stretch is fantastic, they are sturdy and SO. COMFORTABLE. They've become my absolute favourite pair of leggings. Rawr.

So when it came to pairing these lovely leggings with some items in my closet, I pulled out my tiger sweater from Addition Elle, paired it with some gold jewelry (gold spike earrings from Domino Dollhouse), my black knit hat, and my "MAGIC" clutch. I finished the whole thing off with "Black Velvet" lipstick from Lime Crime - to give the look a classic Courtney-style gothic touch. This was the puuuurfect outfit for a cool-autumn day.