Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hippie Crowns and Hollywood Sadcore

Ever since I was a teenager, I have always had a hippie heart - and style. Although my style changes from day to day depending on my mood, I have always been a wearer of flower crowns, long skirts and long hair. One of my favourite things to wear when I was 16 included a pink flower wreath-crown that my Nana made for me. Although I no longer have that crown (sad!) I have gathered up quite a collection of flower crowns, headbands and hair accessories over the years ~ always letting my hippie heart shine through my fashion.

With the latest popularity of "hollywood sadcore" singer, Lana Del Rey (my new favourite artist at the moment), flower crowns and roses have suddenly emerged into the fashion spotlight once again! Although this hippie-loving fad never loses it's fire for us hippie-at-hearts, it's lovely to see this hollywood-sadcore beauty sporting the symbolic flower-crowns. As of late, I have taken up the hobby of making my own "rose crowns" inspired by hippie-fashion (and of course, Miss Lana Del Rey).

The red rose crown I actually wore for Christmas - what you can't see very well in these photos is that the roses are covered in glitter - it makes them that much more festive! I'm thinking about selling flower/rose wreaths and crowns, so if you are interested, please hot me up! I'll keep you all up to date with my latest rose/flower creations ~ but for now, I leave you with some holiday video fun...

(After a few Christmas drinks...)

Hope you all had an absolutely lovely holiday! All the best for the New Year ~ Health, Happiness and Love!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Get Your Vintage On

I happen to be one of those people who adore thrift-shopping. Ever since I was a little girl waking up early and fuzzy-eyed every Saturday morning to go out garage sale-ing with my Popa, I have embraced the motto "one woman's junk is another woman's treasure". What's not to love about the thrill of looking through old things? One of my favourite sensations has to be the smell of old, dusty books, filled with wisdom and stories...and the slightly used texture and yellowish tint to the pages and the covers. Slighty ratty-tatty is my favourite way for a book to be. Well-read and filled with history and mystery surrounding the people who have read it's pages previously...

But one of the most fun thrift-finds has to be vintage fashion items - things that are most likely difficult (or impossible) to find today that just scream out loud CHARACTER! Most likely if you buy vintage, you are almost guarenteed to be one (if not the only) person to own that treasured item today. Being plus size can often times make vintage-clothing shopping difficult, however - as there really wasn't much available years ago as far as plus-size fashion is concerned. Here is where you need patience, a good eye, and exquisite knowledge of your own body and shape.

I happened to stumble upon this vintage leopard-print top and instantly fell in love. Not only was it knit, but it also had glitter thread (haaa!) knitted all throughout it. Just perfect. And although it techincally wasn't anywhere near "my size", it had three things that I immediately look for when browsing vintage items: large arm holes, long in the length, and STRETCH. Mine. Mine, mine - all mine. I have quite large arms, so finding something that will allow my arms to fit through is a must. With this shirt being sleeveless, I was in luck. I also can only wear tops that are long in the torso, as I'm one tall lady (5'11, thank you!). Lastly, STRETCH is a fat-girl's best friend. Allowing for more give than the item looks to have, stretch can turn any small shirt into a snug-fitting wonder. Pair this with a few of my own accessories, some bold make-up, and I'm in fashion heaven.

I know that sometimes being plus-size can put a hallt on some of your fashion-adventures, but don't let being fat completely deter you away from thrift/vintage shopping. If you look hard enough, have the patience, and know what to look for in regards to your own body shape and size, you'll find treasure-hunting a whole lot more pleasureable and successful! 

I happen to find a rare, special vintage-item filled with more character and astoundingly more interesting than any "designer" item that may be featured in the Holt Renfrew store window. So get out there and get your vintage on!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Black (bow) Friday

So today was Black Friday (for those of you who are in the USA) and you all know what that means - pure and utter MADNESS. There are sales galore and fabulous finds to be had - *if* you have the guts to brave the traffic, the crowds, the lines and everything else horrid that goes along with it. I felt rather brave today, and seeing as how I never go out on Black Friday, I thought I would attempt the mad-consumer-driven day...

Not having any specific outfit planned, this became one of those faithful days where I fuse practical with fashionable and just pull random things out of my closet and put them together. In this case - a black jumpsuit, a rather loud sweater I've had for years, a little black belt-tie, sequin flats, some black-lace glovelettes, and a big black bow to finish it all off. Oh, and my Whitby jet jewelry of course.

I usually always have to have something on me that glitters. The jumpsuit is amazing - it hugs and flows off my body in all the right places, and is incredibly comfortable. Not only that, but it has pockets - a rare thing in a jumpsuit, and definitely a detail that I adore (I can thank the hubs for the jumpsuit and the Whitby jet I`m wearing, as I`m incredibly fortunate to have a man who loves to shop for me). It just goes to show that being comfortable can also be fashionable - and don`t ever be afraid to get creative. Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw and play around with your clothing. Put items together that you wouldn`t normally put together, play with accessories, and you`ll find yourself creating some really interesting fashions to display.

Remember to make the sidewalks your catwalk! Now of only crowds would part when you walked down the street...

 Making model faces.

Until next time, fashionistas!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

All Gussied Up! ...and meeting models.

It was a dark and rainy night, but all was warm and cozy and fabulous in the land of fashion. After a delicious sushi meal, my friend Sarah and I (fellow fashion blogger head on uptown to the plus-size boutique Gussied Up! for a model meet-and-greet with "America's Next Top Model" winner, Whitney Thompson.

All Gussied Up! for the evening.

gartersandstockings and myself.
Myself, Whitney Thompson and Sarah @ Gussied Up!

Whitney was much taller in person than I had expected her to be - much taller than myself (and I'm 5'11!) and was sporting her dark, natural locks. She looked beautiful and had a warm smile and lovely words to go along with it. All the ladies looked absolutely stunning. Everyone was working some amazing fashions and I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow beautiful plus-size beauties, models, and fashion bloggers, including Curvy Canadian, Killer Kurves' Karyn Johnson, and super-model Liis Windischmann!

curvycanadian, killerkurves, myself, and gartersandstockings @ Gussied Up!
Just arrived - hair wet from the rain!

Weeerking my outfit for the evening.
Definitely a fun, lovely night ~ I always adore meeting other women who are passionate and interested in fashion, beauty, and the progression and development of the plus-size fashion industry.

I eagerly await the next time, lovelies!

Links to these beautiful ladies' blogs:

Also be sure to check out the lovely Liis Windischmann's website,!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Into The Woods...

As an avid lover of all fairy tales, one of my favourites has always been "Little Red Riding Cap" or, as it's more well-known today, "Little Red Riding Hood". This tale is not only dark, but filled with sexual-innuendo and stood as a warning to all girls not to trust male strangers - as they will surely prey on you and devour you (and your virginity) right up.

Although I can't claim to be in fear for my virginity, I adore the dark and foreboding tale of Red Riding Hood and the wolf that stalks her. Her "red cap" (or "red hood" that is used in the tales now) is a symbol of sexuality - "red" being the colour of lust and wantoness, which is why red continues today to be known as the most "sexual colour" - a red dress, red shoes, and red lips are sure to express a woman's inner sexual desire if she is wearing any of these things...

Playing on the original fairy tale and being quite inspired by the long, red cloak worn by Amanda Seyfried in Catherine Hardwicke's film version of the tale, I decided that with Halloween as a perfect excuse, I would bring my own version of Red Riding Hood alive, as I went into the woods...

And although he didn't go as "The Big Bad Wolf", I had a pretty badass man at my side all night  - who both  protected and devoured this Red Riding Hood. ;)

The Fairest Hair to Wear

Anyone who knows me  knows that my hair is my favourite fashion accessory. From wigs, to hair extensions, to hair tinsel, hair feathers and hair colour - I can never get enough, and I am always changing my hair to match whatever my fashion-mood may be.

My natural hair is long(ish) and blonde, and I have taken to letting my previously-coloured blonde hair grow out to obtain a natural "ombre" hair colour. For those of you who are not familiar with what the "ombre" hair-trend is, it "refers to hair color fading from dark to light, or vice versa. Instead of the color starting from the roots, it gradually becomes lighter, or darker, towards the ends. The word "ombre" in French means shadow or shade".

We can thank the late 80s-early 90s for this grunge-inspired look. Back when it was cool to "not care" about your hair, the punks and grungies of the time would just let their roots grow out from their previously coloured/bleached hair, resulting in a faded look. This style emerged from street-fashion and has been re-created today - and is oddly seen as quite stylish and glamourous and not just "punk and grunge".

My own ombre hair:

As of late, I've been really loving to "colour-dip" my hair. This is when you take a colour and dye only the tips of your hair with it (almost as if the hair has been "dipped" into a pot of colour, thus it's name "colour-dipping"). I've been really inspired by several photos I have come across, and thus far have tried both blue and purple colour-dipping techniques in my own hair:

This is a blue dye that I purchased online from a company called "La Riche Directions". The colour is "Lagoon Blue".

This purple is a new favourite of mine, as it easily washes out with one wash - perfect for the girl who changes her hair like she changes her clothes.

Next up to try eventually, another "La Riche Directions" hair colour called "Dark Tulip" - I already have the dye, just waiting now for the mood to strike...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pft, so they say.

It's something we have always heard the fashion police saying growing up - that "fat people" should avoid wearing stripes. Well I, for one, refuse to live in the past and follow the medieval idea that one should try all they can to hide one's size and avoid patterns that accentuate it and draw the eye (better to hide away in a brown paper sack that makes you look even bigger - because you know, that makes so much more sense). On the contrary - accentuating my body with things that draw the eye is exactly how I love to dress. I am big, curvy and tall ~ all eyes will be on me anyway, I might as well give a fabulous show. Dress has always been my strongest suit, so bring on the tight stripes!

With this sort of outfit, since I am clearly having fun with it, I love to add a little fun with some strong makeup (fake lashes and big red lips always pack a punch) and a large hair accessory - in this case, a big glittery bow!

So the next time you find yourself staring straight into the face of stripes, no matter your size, take the challenge head-on and work every single stripe in a fierceless way. You'll find yourself winning the battle - and the war - against the ol' fashion police. Screw purveyors of so-called rules. There are none.