Friday, 25 November 2011

Black (bow) Friday

So today was Black Friday (for those of you who are in the USA) and you all know what that means - pure and utter MADNESS. There are sales galore and fabulous finds to be had - *if* you have the guts to brave the traffic, the crowds, the lines and everything else horrid that goes along with it. I felt rather brave today, and seeing as how I never go out on Black Friday, I thought I would attempt the mad-consumer-driven day...

Not having any specific outfit planned, this became one of those faithful days where I fuse practical with fashionable and just pull random things out of my closet and put them together. In this case - a black jumpsuit, a rather loud sweater I've had for years, a little black belt-tie, sequin flats, some black-lace glovelettes, and a big black bow to finish it all off. Oh, and my Whitby jet jewelry of course.

I usually always have to have something on me that glitters. The jumpsuit is amazing - it hugs and flows off my body in all the right places, and is incredibly comfortable. Not only that, but it has pockets - a rare thing in a jumpsuit, and definitely a detail that I adore (I can thank the hubs for the jumpsuit and the Whitby jet I`m wearing, as I`m incredibly fortunate to have a man who loves to shop for me). It just goes to show that being comfortable can also be fashionable - and don`t ever be afraid to get creative. Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw and play around with your clothing. Put items together that you wouldn`t normally put together, play with accessories, and you`ll find yourself creating some really interesting fashions to display.

Remember to make the sidewalks your catwalk! Now of only crowds would part when you walked down the street...

 Making model faces.

Until next time, fashionistas!


  1. What a perfect combination and so fitting for the occasion! I hope the malls weren't too crazy and that you managed to nab some nice stuff!

  2. omg yes to that damn bow! i love it! i recently did one on my blog too haha! i want your eye color badly haha

  3. You're stunning! I love the bow and the flats so so much.

  4. Sarah - Awe, thank you so much lovely! It was a tad crazy out, and I didn't end up picking up anything - the hubs did, though. So it wasn't a total loss.

    Nadia - Ahahah that's so funny because I just commented on your big pink bow a few days ago! I think it was something along the lines of "The.Bow.<3" - I absolutely looooved it on you. And I adore your brown eyes.

    Katha - You are so sweet, thank you so much! The bow and flats are two of my favourite items, I wear them *all* the time. ^_^

  5. Such a cute outfit! I love that fun sweater and those gloves! :)

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  6. I lost that exact bow and seeing you frock it so effortlessly makes me envy you!!!

    i die over your hair.. and you in general.


  7. so you are totally rocking this look babe!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  8. I came across your blog randomly and I must confess that I have long lasting fog fluid was bad about myself because I'm pretty round and thanks to you I discovered that could be round and beautiful thank you and sorry for my English I'm French lol