Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Into The Woods...

As an avid lover of all fairy tales, one of my favourites has always been "Little Red Riding Cap" or, as it's more well-known today, "Little Red Riding Hood". This tale is not only dark, but filled with sexual-innuendo and stood as a warning to all girls not to trust male strangers - as they will surely prey on you and devour you (and your virginity) right up.

Although I can't claim to be in fear for my virginity, I adore the dark and foreboding tale of Red Riding Hood and the wolf that stalks her. Her "red cap" (or "red hood" that is used in the tales now) is a symbol of sexuality - "red" being the colour of lust and wantoness, which is why red continues today to be known as the most "sexual colour" - a red dress, red shoes, and red lips are sure to express a woman's inner sexual desire if she is wearing any of these things...

Playing on the original fairy tale and being quite inspired by the long, red cloak worn by Amanda Seyfried in Catherine Hardwicke's film version of the tale, I decided that with Halloween as a perfect excuse, I would bring my own version of Red Riding Hood alive, as I went into the woods...

And although he didn't go as "The Big Bad Wolf", I had a pretty badass man at my side all night  - who both  protected and devoured this Red Riding Hood. ;)


  1. wow are you stunning!!! You have to watch ABC's new show... 'Once Upon a Time'.... google it, you will die- it is right up your alley!
    terrific blog. keep it up.

  2. Hello, Sabrina! Awe, thank you so much, you are so lovely! And ahah, I'm already on it! Love that show, it's so cute. Definitely right up my alley! Thanks for your post, love. <3

  3. You are so pretty! I used to be a BIG girl once, I weighed like, 300pounds but now I weigh 130 but I wouldn't have bothered too loose the wight if my proportions had been like yours! All my weight gathered around my waist so I looked like crap, heh... Beautiful photos and your face is lovely!

    //Terhi from sweden