Monday, 5 December 2011

Get Your Vintage On

I happen to be one of those people who adore thrift-shopping. Ever since I was a little girl waking up early and fuzzy-eyed every Saturday morning to go out garage sale-ing with my Popa, I have embraced the motto "one woman's junk is another woman's treasure". What's not to love about the thrill of looking through old things? One of my favourite sensations has to be the smell of old, dusty books, filled with wisdom and stories...and the slightly used texture and yellowish tint to the pages and the covers. Slighty ratty-tatty is my favourite way for a book to be. Well-read and filled with history and mystery surrounding the people who have read it's pages previously...

But one of the most fun thrift-finds has to be vintage fashion items - things that are most likely difficult (or impossible) to find today that just scream out loud CHARACTER! Most likely if you buy vintage, you are almost guarenteed to be one (if not the only) person to own that treasured item today. Being plus size can often times make vintage-clothing shopping difficult, however - as there really wasn't much available years ago as far as plus-size fashion is concerned. Here is where you need patience, a good eye, and exquisite knowledge of your own body and shape.

I happened to stumble upon this vintage leopard-print top and instantly fell in love. Not only was it knit, but it also had glitter thread (haaa!) knitted all throughout it. Just perfect. And although it techincally wasn't anywhere near "my size", it had three things that I immediately look for when browsing vintage items: large arm holes, long in the length, and STRETCH. Mine. Mine, mine - all mine. I have quite large arms, so finding something that will allow my arms to fit through is a must. With this shirt being sleeveless, I was in luck. I also can only wear tops that are long in the torso, as I'm one tall lady (5'11, thank you!). Lastly, STRETCH is a fat-girl's best friend. Allowing for more give than the item looks to have, stretch can turn any small shirt into a snug-fitting wonder. Pair this with a few of my own accessories, some bold make-up, and I'm in fashion heaven.

I know that sometimes being plus-size can put a hallt on some of your fashion-adventures, but don't let being fat completely deter you away from thrift/vintage shopping. If you look hard enough, have the patience, and know what to look for in regards to your own body shape and size, you'll find treasure-hunting a whole lot more pleasureable and successful! 

I happen to find a rare, special vintage-item filled with more character and astoundingly more interesting than any "designer" item that may be featured in the Holt Renfrew store window. So get out there and get your vintage on!


  1. You look so cute! Haha and I've loved garage sale-ing since I was a kid too haha. I went with my grandma. This was an awesome find!

  2. hahaha you make me laugh!!
    I actually seem to find great fitting items at vintage stores.. I think clothes used to be cut bigger or something!


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  4. You are so pretty :)

    I thought a few days about writing this comment, but I just have to ask.
    Has someone ever told you that you might have Lipedema?

    Your new reader from Germany

  5. Garage sale-ing is sadly something we aren't used to here in Spain ^_^ but I often walk through the flea market for my vintage findings hehe! Btw, you look gorgeous in that top.
    Here a new follower. Love!

  6. plus vintage does exist! you just have to be okay with dealing with store clerks who give you the old tirade "there isn't plus vintage" The women in my family are curvy and they wore clothes. I have a few vintage peices and yes it is key understanding your shape.

    I love that you do not shy away from tight clothes. you are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad I found ur blog!