Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hippie Crowns and Hollywood Sadcore

Ever since I was a teenager, I have always had a hippie heart - and style. Although my style changes from day to day depending on my mood, I have always been a wearer of flower crowns, long skirts and long hair. One of my favourite things to wear when I was 16 included a pink flower wreath-crown that my Nana made for me. Although I no longer have that crown (sad!) I have gathered up quite a collection of flower crowns, headbands and hair accessories over the years ~ always letting my hippie heart shine through my fashion.

With the latest popularity of "hollywood sadcore" singer, Lana Del Rey (my new favourite artist at the moment), flower crowns and roses have suddenly emerged into the fashion spotlight once again! Although this hippie-loving fad never loses it's fire for us hippie-at-hearts, it's lovely to see this hollywood-sadcore beauty sporting the symbolic flower-crowns. As of late, I have taken up the hobby of making my own "rose crowns" inspired by hippie-fashion (and of course, Miss Lana Del Rey).

The red rose crown I actually wore for Christmas - what you can't see very well in these photos is that the roses are covered in glitter - it makes them that much more festive! I'm thinking about selling flower/rose wreaths and crowns, so if you are interested, please hot me up! I'll keep you all up to date with my latest rose/flower creations ~ but for now, I leave you with some holiday video fun...

(After a few Christmas drinks...)

Hope you all had an absolutely lovely holiday! All the best for the New Year ~ Health, Happiness and Love!


  1. Cute! I love flower crowns and have wanted one for years, but Im too lazy to make one haha

  2. you absolutely must start selling those crowns! they are just perfect and so are you!

  3. Hi! I'm an italian girl and i'm fat... I admire you because you're beautiful and you show no shame as you are! Bye bye :)