Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Walking the Queen West Streets

Just the other day, I was accompained by the lovely Sarah from Big Hips Red Lips down Queen Street West, Toronto, for a day of shopping! Oh, how I love the city.

Red lips and my Anne Boleyn necklace
 After a delicious meal of everything fried, we touched-up in the powder room quick before heading out into the rain to take on the daunting task of thrift shopping in my favourite thrift store, Black Market.

Touch-ups are essential to any fashionista - especially when it rains

 Sarah found a lovely cardi which I told her she just had to get - we tried on some movie-star shades, and I grabbed some graphic tees for $1.99. I end up cutting and cropping the tops/necks off these - they are perfect for lazy, comfy days when all you want to wear are leggings and a tee. A girl can't be glamorous all the time, but she can be cool. 

Sarah sporting vintage cardi and nerd specks
She wears her sunglasses inside

Finally, after a long afternoon of walking in the rain, finding fabulous thrift finds, raiding the jewelry store sales, we end up at another favourite store of mine, Lush - where we are immediately treated to a hand massage.The girl working there was adorable ~ incredibly chatty, welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable about the fabulous natural products offered at Lush.

Getting the royal treatment
Girlfriends, food, shopping and pampering ~ it's like sex for my feminine spirit.

Beauty in Small Spaces

When it comes to my beauty routine, I am a complete diva about my space. Hey, what can I say? Any artist will tell you that space is essential to the creative process - and space, my darlings, is not something I have in abundance at the moment. Nevertheless, I still require 1) a vanity space to sit at and do my makeup with everything properly laid out, 2) a mirror at face-level while I stand and do my hair (lots of teasing, curling and hairspraying are involved here) and 3) a space to properly display and see all my hair and jewelry accessories that complete my look.

Unfortunately, I live in a tiny downtown flat that I have to share with my other half - so what to do when one needs space for beauty creation with no room to spare?

It's feng shui to the rescue! Okay - and perhaps my clever other-half who happens to be educated in space and design. Same thing.

He took a corner of our room which has three walls (right near the window, next to the natural light), installed shelves up on opposite sides of the walls, then placed mirrors above both shelves and on all three sides of the walls. One mirror is at face-height with me when I sit, the other two are at face-height with me when I stand. One side acts as a vanity - I have all my makeup and brushes right where I can see and access them, and there are high-bright LED lights installed across the top of the mirror (for extra beauty lighting). The other side holds all my hair brushes, hair extensions, hair products, etc. He even fixed hooks around the hair-mirror where I hang all my jewelry and headbands/hair accessories.

Makeup and hair not only take up time, but also space. One always needs a proper space to play and create, or just for simply getting ready for the day with ease. Installing shelves on a wall below a mirror is a great alternative to a large and cumbersome vanity, and hooks fixed into a wall provide an excellent place to display all of your accessories! So regardless if you live in a small space, one can always Make it Work! with clever design when it comes to your "Beauty Room".

~ Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Creating My Own Fashion Identity

What is my style? When I am faced with this question, I hardly can give one answer - I have a hippie/bohemian style, a glam style, a vintage/victorian style, a punk/goth/dark style, an indie style...all of them a paramount part of my personality.

And thus, I take each one of my personalities and create my own style, my own looks. Everyday is different, but I usually try to encorporate a little element from each style when creating my looks. One of my favourite looks is the "dark, glam hippie"...

The combination results in something quite fantastical, beautiful, mysterious, easy-going - and yet interesting. Here I wear a long black skirt with a black sequin top (to add in the glam element). I wrap my waist with a thick leather belt, giving the outfit an edge. I wear my hair (dip-dyed with purple) loose and flowy, with a hippie feather to bring everything together. You can see how I've taken different things that you wouldn't normally peice together and created a look that's quite defining.

My favourite thing to do is take random pieces from my closet and wear whatever I feel like that day. Always, always remember to play with your clothing and accessories. Fashion is creating - not just wearing. And I would much rather "create" than "copy"!

Happy creating!

Monday, 2 January 2012

All Dressed Up ~ On The Brink Of A New Year

Over the years, I have vastly become one of those people who puts much more emphasis on the importance of New Years as opposed to Christmas. As I've grown older (and surely much, much wiser) I have noted that Christmas has become nothing but a commercial-driven madness of a holiday, whereas New Years remains unyielding with it`s importance and significance. It`s a time to reflect on the past, all you have overcome and built in your life. All you have done, strived for and succeded. And it`s a time to reflect upon the future ~ your plans, wants, desires, resolutions...

It's also a time to party like a f*cking rockstar.

With all the looking back and reflecting, you want to take the time to celebrate the year past and the year to come - to celebrate LIFE. Most people take to dressing up and drinking with their loved ones, and as ever I was a slave to this brilliant tradition this year (as I never pass up an oppurtunity to dress up - ever).

Me and my Beloved, NYE.

I wore a lovely, long black dress detailed with sequins around the bust for the occasion, as well as my red rose-crown (made by moi!) which I cannot get enough of. Any chance to sport this floral crown I have, I seize! I got stopped several times in the hotel we stayed at by women who told me I looked like a Princess - truly made my evening.

I wish you all the best for 2012 ~ Cheers to Health, Happiness, Love, Beauty and Fashion!