Sunday, 8 January 2012

Creating My Own Fashion Identity

What is my style? When I am faced with this question, I hardly can give one answer - I have a hippie/bohemian style, a glam style, a vintage/victorian style, a punk/goth/dark style, an indie style...all of them a paramount part of my personality.

And thus, I take each one of my personalities and create my own style, my own looks. Everyday is different, but I usually try to encorporate a little element from each style when creating my looks. One of my favourite looks is the "dark, glam hippie"...

The combination results in something quite fantastical, beautiful, mysterious, easy-going - and yet interesting. Here I wear a long black skirt with a black sequin top (to add in the glam element). I wrap my waist with a thick leather belt, giving the outfit an edge. I wear my hair (dip-dyed with purple) loose and flowy, with a hippie feather to bring everything together. You can see how I've taken different things that you wouldn't normally peice together and created a look that's quite defining.

My favourite thing to do is take random pieces from my closet and wear whatever I feel like that day. Always, always remember to play with your clothing and accessories. Fashion is creating - not just wearing. And I would much rather "create" than "copy"!

Happy creating!


  1. i love this! create>copy! your hair is fantastic, what do you use to colour it?!

  2. I find my fashion changes from day to day, exactly like you explained it. It makes packing for trips annoying, but I don't like to be limited in clothing choices.

  3. Love it! You look great! I love mixing styles too. I once wore a long black gothic looking tunic sweater, with a peacock feather, and a beret haha. I got so many compliments! Anyways you look FIERCE! :]

  4. You have totally described how I feel about fashion. I am not the same person everyday. Some days I am pure goth, some days I feel girly, others I'm a tomboy, totally glam or silly and novel. My style is just another way to express myself.

    I love your outfit and they way you've sythensised your style.

    Create > Copy every time. :)

  5. you are so gorgeous! love this outfit. and your philosophy. mine is similar i dont really have a "look" i just go with the flow and thats the best! :) i just came across your blog and i love it. am following :)