Monday, 6 February 2012

Big, FAT Spa Day at The Manor Hair Lounge and Spa

My fellow fatshion blogger ladies: Sarah from, and Luna from and myself were generously invited to a day of pampering at The Manor Hair Lounge and Day Spa this past Sunday afternoon, and we couldn't have had a more lovely day getting fabulous by the amazing staff!

The Manor Lounge and Day Spa is a chilled out salon/spa nestled away in a beautiful century home located at 584 Church St, Toronto, ON, in the heart of Toronto's downtown "Gay Village". It's also an "Aveda Concept" salon and spa, and follows Aveda's "green salon" practises such as the proper collecting, disposing and recyling of foils and chemicals. The best salon is a green salon that cares!  As for my own personal opinion, well - I absolutely *love* Aveda products, and I was extremely excited to see that the salon offers and embraces the "Aveda Concept".

 Us ladies were immediately greeted by a friendy and inviting atmosphere and staff, then rushed away to start our hair beautification!

Amanda Candow, Dan Heger, Chris Ryan, Colter McLean and Vanessa-Nash-Gale - staff at The Manor Hair Lounge

Luna and Sarah before their cut-and-styles

Colter has me in his chair! My hair pre-colour

The styling beings!
Stylist Colter gracefully applies some conditioner and pastel-pink colour to my hair
You can tell I'm quite excited for my pastel-pink tipped hair. Vanessa and Sarah also doing a hair transformation!
Hot headed

Rings n' things
Vanessa drying my pink-coloured hair!
Vanessa adds some bouncy curls to my hair for body and volume
My signature dip-dyed hair in pastel pink with lovely curls!

Stylist Vanessa cutting Sarah's hair
Vanessa demonstrates her "teasing" method.....
...which proves quite impressive! Her teasing tip: use a brush instead of a comb!
Sarah with her beautiful new haircut

Sarah's haircut from the back/side. Haircut by Vanessa
Colter styles and cuts Luna's hair

Smooth and silky!

Luna, with a whole new fabulous style! Long layers and a side-swept bang - hair by Colter
Luna and I are happy, pampered girls
All us girls - after our fabulous hair transformations!

We are all Beauty Queens

I truly had such an amazing afternoon with my girls at The Manor - thank you so much to the brilliant staff for their generosity, brilliant services and talent. A special thank you to Vanessa for hosting Big, Fat Spa Day and for inviting us all to be a part of it!

I highly recommend this salon to all my fellow Torontonians, as this salon offers all the essential beauty services you could ever require: hair cut/colour/blow-outs and extensions, facials, spa and massage services, mani/pedis, brow and lash services as well as tanning services. It's all there - stop by and let The Manor Hair Lounge staff pamper you!

And don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay updated on their current specials!

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We are all Beauty Queens - cheers to those who live for being and making others Beautiful!


  1. Gorgeous! Now I want to go and get my hair done! Love Sarah's cut!

  2. Looks super fun! I have to get up to Toronto and shoot all you lovelies maybe September? Would be great to do an entire Toronto Beauty's editorial!
    XO Velvet

  3. Really funny!
    You are so pretty!
    Cheers from Spain (Saragossa)


  4. Such a fun post! Looks like I may have found a perfect salon option for when I move to Toronto :)

  5. It's nice to have a beauty rest before Valentine's day. It actually shows that they really enjoying the the salon which make them more prettier :) nice nice nice!

  6. Your blog is seriously my number 1 favorite! Also, your dress is so natural looking and cute, where did you get it??