Friday, 17 February 2012

Erotic Flower ~ ❀

 It was a beautiful winter's day - fresh snow had just fallen and bounced white light all around, giving the city the appeal of a winter-wonderland. Such purity...a perfect day to be a dirty, dirty girl.

I had quite the lovely day planned as I was attending the Toronto Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair with my girls, as well as celebrating a birthday with some erotic shopping and dinner afterwards. Of course, this occasion called for an extra-special outfit, and I had just the one in mind! I decided to go for black leggings and a short, black glittery skirt paired with a black belt. To "top" it all off, I chose my rhinestone mohair sweater in grey (to battle the chill) which worked lovely with the skirt, belt and leggings. My mohair sweater happens to be quite short - it ends just above my waist - so when I wear it, I need to wear something that sits quite high on me and above or at my waist level. For shoes I chose my black Chucks (which I wear with pretty much everything, seriously). The best part of my outfit, however, were my accessories: crystal teardrop-earrings, black victorian glovelets, a huge vintage turquiose ring, and my very own pink flower crown (hand-made by yours truly). With winter all around, I felt that a bright, pink flower-arrangement was the perfect contrast to the white, winter's day.

For a day of erotic sensations, there was no one more perfect to accompany me than the lovely Luna (who also happened to be the Birthday Girl!) and the sultry Sarah. Luna and I both decided to wear flowers in our hair ~ can you tell that both Luna and myself are huge Lana Del Rey fans?

The Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair held at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
There was some really great work being showcased at the Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair. There were tons of erotic sketches, drawings and photographs. One table had erotic pins called "Hanky Pins" - a new twist on a silent pick-up tool! These pins were absolutely hilarious and I had a complete riot finding out which pattern/pin meant which fetish you were into, and managed to pick one up myself! Can you guess which fetish I chose? ;)

Hanky Pins! Which one are you?
There were also tables set up with different jewelry, cards, food and clothing. Luna and I managed to haggle ourselves a brillant lock-necklace (steam-punk style!) and both picked out a victorian-lace choker and some crocheted nipple pasties. I also picked up an erotic card for my Beloved for Valentine's Day, and Sarah ended up with an oral fixation and bought herself a giant (of course) penis cookie.

Lace choker and steam-punk lock necklace creators

Sarah and Luna satisfy their oral fixations with a penis cookie and a free birthday cupcake

Adorable erotic card seller
 After we shopped until we dropped (or spent all our cash on sexy things), we took a breather in the Melody Lounge at the Gladstone and spent some chill-time with the dj and our friend, Kaleb (who is absolutely hilarous and quuuuite the social butterfly). The entire day we kept getting asked if we were part of a wedding party - it must have been the flowers. I made the joke that we were, and that Sarah was our stripper (who kept getting asked if she was a burlesque dancer) - ahah! Getting compliments wherever we go. That's our style.

Luna and Sarah

"The wedding party" - and their stripper!
 And thus, it was time to take the wedding (birthday!) party to Disegraceland for some eats. We had waited all day, and were absolutely starving by the time we got there - go (big)figure. After what seemed like hours of staring indecisively at the menu, I decided on deep-fried pickles, indian-curry poutine, a "trailer park" hotdog and a deep-fried Mars Bar for dessert. What was cool about Disgraceland was that they had tons of board games to play while you ate - if you could find one with all the pieces, that is...=/ After a game of "Trouble" played with jelly-beans (#winning!) we played a half-assed game of "Operation". Birthday Girl took the cake on that one.

Attempting success with my surgery skills

"BE QUIET I'M IN SURGERY." Game winner.

Deep-fried Mars Bar

Thus the day turned into night, and our day of erotic sex, shopping, food and fashion was over. Days like this are amazing - whether it be a birthday or any other special event - any reason for dressing up and spending time with your friends should be completely seized and taken full advantage of. When you look good, you feel good. It's quite a simple philosophy, but stands true. And it also makes you stand out.

Put on your Hanky Pins, people! It's going to be a sexy ride.


  1. Your outfit is so pretty!!! XD
    This makes me wanna make a flower crown for myself.


  2. Great post! Looks like such a fun day :)
    Such a cute outfit too - the sweater looks soooo soft & perfect for snowy weather :)

  3. you are all gorgeous!! and you have the bestest of the blogs here! x

  4. Looks like a great deal of fun! Glad you guys had a blast! <3

  5. Amazing outfit !
    I have such an obsession with hairbands !
    Soo jealous of yours :)

  6. stunning pictures of you! you are just beautiful!!!