Monday, 16 April 2012

She's a Wall Flower

My mood changes with every day, and as my mood ebs and flows, thus - so does my style, my sense of fashion and the "identity" I want to create. I've been really embracing April and the "newness" of spring, trying to bring out all of my identities from the personal closet of my soul and being.

I used to crimp my hair *all* the time. I loved the 80s-esque look it gave (plus it added volume to my fine, flat, natural straight hair). I actually haven't crimped my hair in ages, so I pulled out the ol' triple-barrel iron, dusted it off, and went to town. It turned out quite lovely, and I ended up with a "bohemian with a fashion edge" inspiration for the day.

For my dress, I decided to go with this lovely black cotton dress from Torrid. Now ladies, what I love about this dress is that it is cotton, breathable, and comfortable. When you're going for any sort of bohemian look, comfort, ease, flowy-ness (is that even a word? You get my drift) is key. It's all about feeling comfortable and free. I also love that the dress is simple, but not too simple - the crochet-lace sleeves are juuuust enough embellishment to make the dress interesting (and not boring!) but it doesn't over-power the outfit. This is perfect, because it leaves all the attention for the accessories...

I felt it entirely appropriate to wear my bohemian feather in my hair with this outfit, along with my very own flower-crown design from The Glitter Thread Designs. The feather and the flowers were a perfect compliment to the bohemian inspiration for the outfit ~ and paired with a simple gilded-gold heart necklace, bow ring and costume ring - everything fell into place.

My makeup, well. I of course had to give it a little "edge"...a little "darkess" that I love to see in fashion (and it's just so me) so I went with dark, smokey eyes. Nothing brings intensity like smokey eyes.

Lastly, ladies - I haaaave to talk to you about my new favourite sandals in the world. They are black gladiator sandals with a silver and turquoise bead embellishment - they are not only beautiful and fashionable, but the *most* comfortable sandals I have ever owned. I have large, wide feet (size 11ww!) and it's impossible for me to find shoes that fit and are comfortable - all my love goes to Lane Bryant for this fabulous foot find!

That's all for now, my lovely flower children. Until next time, remember to PLAY and make the sidewalk your catwalk! 

Dress ~ Torrid // Flower crown ~ The Glitter Thread Designs // Feather ~ Black Market // Necklace ~ GUESS // Gladiator sandals ~ Lane Bryant

Peace, Love and Integrity, Lovelies!


  1. Another fab outfit! Love the dress :)
    Do you find the postage fees are OK from Torrid to Canada?
    It's the only thing that stops me ordering but I love so much of their stuff :)

  2. I am totally wearing this dress as we speak. And I posted about it here:

  3. your dress is so prett and you are so pretty:)
    I came across you blog and just had 2 follow you. its so nice to see other plus size confident women like you posting pretty outfits.
    I Look forward to your next post!

    Id love it if you took a look at my blog too If you love it then follow me:)
    Lots of Love

  4. lovelier everytime!

    CD x

  5. super cute! I haven't crimped my hair in ages!!!!! :)

  6. How pretty! I know it sounds totally weird but I love to see you go bare legged.