Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summertime Madness with SimplyBe

I've got that summertime - summertime madness!

Absolutely every time the warm, comforting heat of summer starts to caress my face, I'm immediately driven into a fashion/wardrobe change madness (that is my curse every season)! For me, when summer hits, it's all about the dresses!

So, okay - where is my first point of action? What's the first place I think of when I need beautiful, fashionable plus size summer dresses? Honestly - one of my favourite plus-size clothing lines is the Plus Size Ladies Clothing from Simply Be. I happen to have many, beautiful dresses from SimplyBe (my favourite dresses, in fact) and they never fail to provide more contemporary, size-friendly fashions - at a reasonable price, as well.

You ladies know me, and of course for the summer I am looking to bring out my inner hippie, bohemian flower-child. SimplyBe has some perrrrfect dresses just for that, dahlings. Have a look at some of these gorgeous dresses I happen to favourite:

Floral Print Maxi Dress

Joe Browns Our Favourite Maxi Dress

Print Maxi Dress

And Abigail Strappy print Maxi Dress

Zandra Rhodes Kimono Style Maxi Dress
 I love the range that SimplyBe has to offer in regards to plus size dresses. Sleeveless, tube-top, long, flowing sleeves...there is a dress style and cut for every time of the day (that suits every occasion). What I love about these dresses is that you can take them from day to night, depending on the accessories you pair with it. My bohemian heart is also loving all the floral vie boheme!

And although SimplyBe is a UK-based company, they do ship to the USA!

There are so many gorgeous dresses on this site, and the collection of plus size clothing is vast. I strongly urge you ladies to go check it out (you'll be looking for hours, I know it!) ~ I can guarentee you'll find something you love and just have to have for the summer.

Peace, Love and Integrity! Happy shopping at SimplyBe

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