Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer Lovin' with Marisota

I have just spent hours online. You know how it is - when you stumble upon a store online and you sit there, completely entraced, looking at this, discovering that - adding every other item to your wishlist? Then you look at the little clock on the bottom right hand side of your screen and you're completely *shocked* at how long you have been online shopping?

Yeah. I know you know eeexactly what I'm talking about ;)

I must thank the Marisota Plus Size Ladies Catalogue for being such a wonder these past few hours - I have literally not been able to stop browsing through this store! It's summertime, and I'm on the hunt (as ever) for some summer dresses and swimsuits to get me through the season, and I have found some amaaazing dresses and plus size swim-suits from this store already. I thought I'd share some of my favourites - and trust me when I say - there are actually too many to post! >_<

First, with my dresses this summer I'm going with the hippe/bohemian/gypsy feel. Think anything floral, flowing or anything that has a lace embellishment (lace is so hot right now!). I tend to like things that are a little indie as well, and have a bit of an edge to the design. These are a few of my favourite plus size dresses available at Marisota that fit my love for the gypsy, indie, bohemian edgy-style.

Frock & Frill Rose Garden Dress

Frock & Frill Sleeveless Lace Dress

Frock & Frill Gypsy Dress

Frock & Frill Pleat Lace Trim Dress

Joe Brown's Sexy Dress

And this store has one of my favourite features - it goes up to a size 32!  So I know that it will have something to fit the slightly curvy to the very voluptuous (like myself). Just remember also that it is UK sizing, so they tend to fit 1-2 sizes smaller than your standard US size (for my US followers - good to remember).

And for those of you ladies who, like me, are searching for a fabulous swimsuit or this season's hot FATKINI - Marisota has a great selection of those as well. You have to check the sizes - not all swimsuits go up to a size 32 (but some do). The following swimsuits are my personal favourites (and must-haves!) and are available up to a size 32.

Beach to Beach Bandeau Swimsuit

Beach to Beach Bandeau Swimsuit

And for those of who who saw and fell in love with Gabi Fresh's smoking hotttt FATKINI/bikini photos and fell in love with her swimsuit - guess where you can buy it for yourself? ;)

Beach to Beach Bikini

 SO IN LOVE ~ once again, thank you Marisota for offering beautiful, lovely dresses and swimwear (and also accessories, intimates, shoes...etc) that range from a size 12-32 that fit my style!

Oh - and for also taking up most of my day with hours of shopping bliss and adrenaline. ^_^

Happy shopping, Ladies! 


  1. Oh yay! Another site that I can lust over!!

  2. Those dresses are amaze balls!

  3. Love this :) Oh also just a heads up UK-US sizes are exactly 2 sizes. So if you're a US18 , you're a UK22. <3 US reader Jenny Emm

  4. OMG... my credit card is going to get a workout from this place!! Thanks for the great find!

  5. Waouh .... i love the first dress!! Kisses from France

  6. nice xx :))

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  7. Please keep your blog active, I really enjoyed it!!! :)