Thursday, 27 December 2012

~ Crossing Lines with Domino Dollhouse ~

If you haven't already been lurking/oogling/wanting/shopping/loving/drooling on the Domino Dollhouse Website, then I suggest you catch up with the rest of us fatshionistas and become familiar right now.

Domino Dollhouse is one of my favourite online plus-size clothing stores of all time. What I love most about this store is that it's young, edgy, risky, and makes a statement. DD has a very loud, bold and distinct brand image - you can always tell when a piece of fashion is from Domino Dollhouse. It's also creative and different - something that's difficult to find in the plus-size fashion world of mom jeans, graphic tees and secretary dresses.

Leave it to Domino Dollhouse to take the popular fashion trend of leggings and turn them into a statement piece for all us plus-size girls. Not only do leggings from DD stretch and fit the even the biggest of thunder thighs (like my own) and are eeeextremely comfortable, but they make any top or dress *pop*!

Thus, when I opened my lovely little pink package from Domino Dollhouse, I couldn't wait to doll-up with the white and black striped leggings and the Lovely Tee in Black.

I love how Domino Dollhouse  isn't afraid to do something a little different when it comes to the design of their clothing - the leggings, well - they speak for themselves. But as for the black "Lovely Tee", I was quite taken by the way the cut was made off-center and interesting. The top (on moi) is quite cropped, and then loops and hangs low from one side of the sleeve all the way down the back of the top. It makes for interesting lines when considering the outfit as a whole. I also like how you could work with layers with this top.

Pulled together with some punk accessories and my grandfather's old stopwatch, I went for a "Down-the-Rabbit-Hole" influenced look - Tim Burton's punky Alice in Wonderland-style.

 Right now, Domino Dollhouse has an amazing new Astralnauts Collection that is out-of-this-world. No, seriously. It's pretty amaze. I suggest you go check it out and see what every other fat girl in the galaxy are raving about right now!

Happy Dressing at Domino Dollhouse, Dolls!


  1. Love this look, a little punk mixed with some whimsy. Those leggings are fab, as is the top. I really like your belly button piercing too.

    I love Domino Dollhouse for every reason you wrote here.

  2. You a slaying those leggings! love it! Your make-up too is stellar. I love Domino Dollhouse, great products, and really exceptional customer service. I'm semi old, and I like shopping there too. :)

    Peace. -Amanda

  3. argh!! You rock those leggings more thank anything!! So fabulous!!

  4. Them leggings are amazing I am off to check out DD now. I am new to the blogging game loving the inspiration I am getting from sites like yours.

  5. those leggings omg!! How did I miss them?? you are so HOT


  6. You are so gorgeous...this outfit is fab and I love how daring DD is too,they are so different than anyone else out there in the plus industry.

  7. You are so amazing, a lot of bbw's don't know how beautiful their curves really are.

  8. You are absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe I've only just found your blog. You've got a firm follower in me now!

  9. Love your edgy style! I've always wanted to dress more edgy but I'm not sure if I have the confidence. You have to be okay with standing out and looking fab. You pull it off for sure.

  10. New follower! Just stumbled upon your blog today..
    This is such a great outfit, completed by your strong confidence!
    I'm looking forward to reading more :)

  11. Those ARE indeed some amazing leggings. And you where them so well. Another winning outfit.

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