Monday, 24 December 2012


 If you haven't already checked out SKORCH MAGAZINE'S NOVEMBER MUSIC ISSUE - do it NOW! One of Skorch Magazine's most fabulous issues, if I do say so myself - and yours truly is featured inside. Go check it out! <3

It has to be said. Music is my muse. I mean, it's a muse for pretty much everyone, isn't it? Especially when it comes to fashion. I have always taken musical artists and used them as inspiration for my own fashion sense and self-expression. Lately, my favourites have included the lovely Lana Del Rey, the seXy Xtina (or Christina Aguilera, for those of you who aren't on an Xtina name-basis) and finally - Kelly Osbourne.

I haven't been a huge fan of Kelly Osbourne's music in the past (is she even making music still?) however, I am completely, madlyyy in love with her style recently! I know, I know - she lost a lot of weight. But I don't hate the girl for it - you do whatever is best for you, whether you rock your curves or trade them in for something more svelt. But what Kelly lost in weight, she gained in STYLE. Have you seen this girl lately?! She has completely classed-up her look whilst still keeping a punk-rock flare - all whilst looking flawlessly feminine.

Now, I have taken and extra-special liking to Miss Osbournes HAIR. I am in hair heaven. The liac colour sets off her features beautifully. It pops (as alternative hair is want to do) yet still remains soft and extremely feminine. Being obsessed with anything pastel-hair, I just had to transform my own platinum locks into a lilac mane. For this, I use my favourite brand of hair dye: "Lilac" from La Riche Directions hair colour line. What I love about this colour is that it washes out after 3 weeks- a month (depending on how often you wash your hair). The gentle fade of the lilac will keep looking beautiful as it washes I can have the colour without the total commitment.

 Kelly Osbourne also tends to rock classy, feminine dresses and fashion lately, but always keeps a bit of punk flare in her look. Inspired by the lovely Miss Osbourne, I have fashioned my own outfit that consists of black tights, a black sparkle skirt, a black mesh bodysuit (with a black bra underneath) and accessorized with a black belt, a punk-spiked bracelet in both black and gold, and some purple sequin flats to highlight the punk-pink lipstick I'm wearing. Feminine, punk, soft and hard at the same time. A beautiful combination, and one I very much enjoy werkinggggg.

 So, if you want to achieve this soft, punk-rock-princess look for yourself, get your pastel-hair on and bring out the black to rock, giiirl!

Hair dye ~ La Riche Directions Hair Colour
Bodysuit ~ Chubby Cartwheels
Bra ~ Addition Elle
Belt ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Aldo
Skirt ~ DIY (made from an old dress)
Bracelets ~ ebay

Happy Fatshion, Ladies!
   Peace, Love and Integrity


  1. You look amazing, I've always liked Kelly. Her cover of Papa Don't Preach is pretty good. :]

  2. Gawd, sorry for the late commentary, but you look positively flawless here.

  3. wow u looks so great.. you have got very innocent eyes.

  4. I love your style and you're beautiful. Your hair is so damn cute. OMG >.<

  5. Very beautiful
    Always beautiful as ever
    My name is Dylan btw

  6. Looking beautiful as ever

  7. You look amazing!
    I wanna make my hair looks exactly like yours in these pictures :)