Thursday, 14 March 2013

~ SKORCH MAGAZINE High Fashion Issue ~ Featuring Chubby Cartwheels

Hello all my lovely blog readers!

Now, for those of you who are not yet familiar, Skorch Magazine's March Isuue is live now! This month's inspiration? High Fashion. This month's issue features some absolutely gorgeoussss editorials - one shot by the amazingly talented Captured by Chelzea, featuring the beautiful plus model, Jessica Jerome - and the other shot by the talented Emilie Collier, featuring plus model Ava Sfez. We also have an exclusive look at some fab new items from Skorch Blogger (and my lovely friend) Shawna and her edgy plus-size online shop Chubby Cartwheels

And oh, who might that be gracing the pages of this month's High Fashion Issue? She looks familiar, you say? Okay, okay - I'll quit playing coy. Yes, myself (and other lovely Skorch Bloggers) took our own spin on a high-fashion street-inspired look.

I just *adore* epaulettes. We can surely thank Mrs Jones for the popularity of this high-fashion trend, creating the look that has been popular with artists, pop-stars and their music video/concert wear. Ever since they have come on the scene, I have been absolutely obsessed. I love how adding epaulettes to a shirt, dress or jacket immediately bumps the item up into the high-fashion zone, adding a military/warrior/royal/tribal flare to your garment. You can`t get more "Courtney" than that, dearies.

For my shoot, I took my favourite new item - a black velvet bodysuit from Chubby Cartwheels, and paired it with some black tights. The feature here is the bodysuit and the jacket - thus, I didn't want to wear anything distracting on my legs (although, depending on who you are, I'm sure my thunder-thighs serve as a delightful distraction). I took a black leather motor-jacket from Lane Bryant (an old trusty/love from my closet) and added a feather epaulette to the shoulder for that whimsical, warrior-like inspiration for the look.

I'm looking fierce. And I mean - fierce. I could kick some major ass in this outfit.


The bodysuit is absolutely amazing. Not only is it profoundly comfortable, but it has *so many possibilities* for use. You can easily pair this bodysuit with a pair of pants (go for that 90s-hipster look), a short or long skirt (a wide belt is calling my name!) or even a pair of studded-denim shorts if you're feeling daring (which, girls - you should be).

Make sure to check out my girl's store Chubby Cartwheels for some amazing, edgy-clothing that is sure to inspire you.

And also make sure you check out the latest issue of SKORCH MAGAZINE for editorials, lookbooks, Blogger photos and more! <3

That's all, my lovelies! Kiss kiss and stay fierce!


  1. I just had to make a comment, as a plus size woman myself, I hate it when people make a joke out of plus size women. How we are portrayed in movies and television, it makes me very angry to think that plus size women can never be taken serious, or as sexy, irresistible women. Which we can be! But how the heck can we expect to be taken seriously and not as a joke when we have women on our magazine covers with eye brows like that???? I mean, c'mon! She's 1cm short of a unibrow.

    1. I have had several comments regarding the model's "eyebrows" and have deleted them all, as they have been in bad taste and left in ignorance.

      Since I keep seeing this "eyebrow" issue recur, I'm going to address it for those of you who have left negative comments, or are thinking about leaving one.

      First, the eyebrows are *makeup* - so if you don't care for the look, you can simply say to yourself "I don't care for the makeup". That's your choice.

      However, may I educate you all for a moment on the "big brow" - the "big brow" is a high-fashion look that is achieved with makeup. It gives a strong, intense look and is used to express such.

      These looks are given to runway and high-fashion models for high fashion runway shows or editorials.

      The "big brow" look has nothing whatsoever to do with "portraying a plus size woman" - and in no way was it used to seen as a joke.

      Please, viwers and readers - do not be so naive when it comes to fashion. We, as plus size women, are meant to BREAK the molds, express ourselves and we can do *anything skinny models can do*. We can pull off any look - serious, soft, edgy, contemporary, vintage - anything. Please do not see with a closed-mind, but instead looks at what is being portrated and expressed, and try to understand it rather than toss it away negatively without any educated attempt at understanding it.

      Our world needs more risk-taking, and I, for one, am PROUD of this cover and think it edgy and absolutely fabulous.

    2. I hate the brow too, but Courtney, if you're so proud and admire it so, you should try it and post a pic. I would love to see if a beauty like yourself would be able to make it work. To be honest, I think it's hopeless.

    3. My immediate response to Anon is.. "so?"

  2. I love this, you are stunning! And I for one love the eyebrows!

    Christiana x

  3. Love the bodysuit I haven't worn once since the 80's (showing my age!!) but have to admit the one you are wearing does look fantastic I could imagine pairing it with a skater style skirt. PS I like the eyebrows after all its a magazine cover and the whole point is to grab your attention no idea why everyone felt the need to be so negative. x

  4. Gorgeous!! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here:

  5. You are positively gorgeous!!! SO FIERCE! I want/need one of these bodysuits; they are beautiful. :D

    The brows on the mag cover are beautiful and indeed high fashion. However, to those so very frightened by the possibility of two brows touching (GASP!), I have 2 words for you: Frida Kahlo. Hair is beautiful, too! Particularly when someone loves their hair. Kudos, Scorch. That cover/model is bangin'! :)

  6. omg girl,you're gorgeous!!
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  7. Love the feathers! What a great accent to the jacket.

    Also your makeup = perfect. - a plus(h) size fashion blog
    Recent Post: Mint Madness!

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