Monday, 8 July 2013



You guyyyyyyys!

Okay, so - you know how I love everything and anything British? I have always been a lovely (not-so) little Canadian Anglophile, but my excitement and love for the British are about to hit the roof!

My blog is one of the top six nominees for a British Plus Size Award 2013 in "the Best Blogger and Journalist" category! Please VOTE for me! 

 All of the nominees are incredible people and companies that have brought positive influence to the plus-size community, and definitely deserve your support and recognition! We all fight the good fight, don't we? So please take a moment to give your VOTE to "The Glitter Thread" and to all of the people and brands you believe deserve to be recognized for their efforts and influences this year. ♥ 


THANK YOU for all of your support and for your votes. KISS KISS and all the love you can handle from me. ;)


  1. My vote will always be yours, I wish you to win this award because you deserve it, for your work, your perseverance, your courage and your tremendous beauty. Kisses my Princess!

  2. Dear Courtney,

    I replied to your message you sent me through my Curvy Shrine website but it may have ended up in your spam box. Please see if you got it and if you have a chance then please reply. I have some questions for you.

    Coen Naninck -

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