Monday, 27 October 2014

~ Dark Queen of the Wild ~

Animal print. We all love it (well, most of us bold, adventurous fashion-types anyway) - but it's not always a print that's easy to pull off. Luckily, leopard print is one of the easiest animal-prints to pull off (and it seems to stay quiet popular year after year). From vintage leopard-print coats (just coat me in the stuff!) to a more subtle choice in let's say a scarf or a glove, leopard print never fails to add a little bold, sexy wildness to your outfit.

So when Chubby Cartwheels came out with plus size leopard-print leggings, I pawed at the oppurtunity and ordered a pair immediately. Not only are these leggings effing *fabulous*, but the stretch is fantastic, they are sturdy and SO. COMFORTABLE. They've become my absolute favourite pair of leggings. Rawr.

So when it came to pairing these lovely leggings with some items in my closet, I pulled out my tiger sweater from Addition Elle, paired it with some gold jewelry (gold spike earrings from Domino Dollhouse), my black knit hat, and my "MAGIC" clutch. I finished the whole thing off with "Black Velvet" lipstick from Lime Crime - to give the look a classic Courtney-style gothic touch. This was the puuuurfect outfit for a cool-autumn day.


  1. this combo is amazing! the leggings, the tshirt print, your hair! it all fits perfectly together!