Thursday, 9 October 2014

~ Summer Suits and My Fabulous Fatkini ~

Although summer has come and gone (this post is so late, gah!), I felt it absolutely necessary and vital to share with you all the fabulous swimsuits that I rocked all summer that made me feel like the gorgeous fat mermaid that I am.

Aren't we all fat mermaids at heart?

If you're like me, you are! And what better way to show off your mystical mermaid-goddess self than to rock a Chubby Cartwheels mermaid fatkini!

I custom-ordered this suit from Chubby Cartwheels, choosing the hot-pink fabric and adding straps to my bandeau top. This swimsuit was extremely gorgeous, comfortable, and completely makes a statement. I had girls of all shapes and sizes wanting my suit when I wore it at the beach. But no surprise there. I styled this suit with some  hot pink lipstick, heart-shaped sunglasses, and my "Priestess Crown" from Wendy Nichol.

Going along the theme of "scales" - another suit I loved to wear this summer was my gold dragon-scale suit from Chubby Cartwheels. Inspired by my love for all things Khaleesi, this dragon-scale suit definitely made me feel hot and on fire at the beach!

Lastly, I found this absolutely gorgeousss swimsuit on eBay. It's a one-piece gem - a white Marilyn Monroe swimsuit covered in little red roses. The fit is absolutely perfect (and great for a pear-shaped girl like myself) and gives that classic-one-piece look. Also I love anything with roses on it. I styled this suit with white, heart "Lolita" sunglasses, a black bow and some bold red lips.

Beautiful, sexy swimwear is not longer something only reserved for the thin - there is now some gorgeous plus size swimwear that's available to women of all bigger sizes. Don't let the beach stop you from being fierce - remember to always be a mermaid, both in and out of the water. 


  1. I love both, but the last one is so cute! Hope you will reblog again soon :)

  2. I love the scale detail on the suits! Too cute and I love swimming and having a good time and looking good while doing so ;)

  3. How can I subscribe to your Blog...OMG pretty !!!!! Julia Perez