Friday, 31 October 2014

~ Witchcraft and Wizardry ~

Well Happy Halloween and Samhain, my lovely darklings! Halloween is my favourite time of year, and always has been since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with witches. As a girl, I used to watch the show "Worst Witch" religiously.  In "Hocus Pocus" I adored the Sanderson Sisters and wanted to be SJP's character "Sarah" so intenesely after I originally saw the film, that I used to walk around the house singing "Come Little Children". When "Harry Potter" came out, I was obsessed with going to Hogwarts. My favourite play when I was young was "The Crucible", and I have always loved the dark, magical loveliness of witches. The spells, the long hair, the all-black-everything...I wanted to possess magic more than anything in the world.

It wasn't just in film, books and television that I loved witches. I actually hold some pagan beliefs and traditions. I've casted spells by the full (and new) moons. I've practiced psychometry. I've done tarot readings, and continue to do oracle card readings quite often. And I've always, always had a pet cat.

In celebration of Halloween, Samhain, and my love for witches, I decided to wear an outfit completely inspired by Witch Fashion (witch is one of my favourite kinds of fashion). And by the way, this is totally an outfit I would wear any day of the year. It just so happens that it's much more appropriate for Halloween.

I put a spell on you...

So, everything is black, black, black! I started off with some black leggings and black victorian-inspired boots from Penningtons. I then donned my ouija cardian from Domino Dollhouse, and a black pleated pleather skirt that I got from eBay. I finished it off with a collar from Etsy, a black hat from Aldo, my vintage turquoise ring, and several accessories from one of my faaaaavourite stores ever, Gypsy Warrior (the MAGIC cluth, Gypsy Warrior ouija phone case, "Ouija" ring and "Magic Made Me Do It" ring). I'm also wearing giant pentagram earrings from Killstar, black lipstick, black nail polish, and a black cat tattoo on my arm. Puurrrrrfect.

Sigh, this witch wishes that it could be autumn and Samhain all year round...

Happy Haunting, my fellow witch-bitches!


  1. Holy smokes!! Kindred spirits much?! Every word in this rung true and your look is perfect!


  2. Happy Halloween to you too! I love Halloween and dressing up. I enjoy it all! Sometimes I love the feel of all black outfit with lace to spicen things up!

  3. You are beautiful, wonderful...

  4. You are beautiful, wonderful...

  5. I just learned of your blog and I love it. I hope you're only taking a break and will come back!