Friday, 21 November 2014

~ Renaissance Woman ~

Art has always been an inspiration in my life. I've always been one who loved to paint, craft, and go to galleries and museums to stare and wonder at all the amazing pieces of art in this world. One of my absolute favourite forms of art are Renaissance paintings, depicting gods and goddesses and their tales, beautiful human forms and celebrated bodies. "The Birth of Venus" by Italian painter Sandro Botticelli (who was friends with the infamous Medici family, who commissioned the painting) has to be one of my all-time favourites. The painting makes me absolutely swoon - what could be more romantic and beautiful than Venus herself, the Goddess of Love?

As I'm so inspired by art, I decided to become a version of walking-art myself, and incorportated the painting into an outfit. I found a "Birth of Venus" shirt on eBay, paired it with some black tights and my Chubby Cartwheels black faux-leather skater skirt, threw on a wing collar-necklace and my "Love Story" pocket-book clutch. The results were whimsical, fun and romantic.

Life immitates art, and art immitates life. I always try and express my love for all things artistic and beautiful through fashion and my wardrobe. Don't ever be afraid to try something bold and different with your style. Go ahead - be a Renaissance Woman!


  1. tres tres original j aime bcp ;o)

    bonne semaine !

  2. This is one of my favs too! I have a purse I with the same painting on it that I purchased about 11 years ago in Ashland Oregon. Super gorgeous though, the possibilities of pairings for that shirt are endless.

  3. Its a work of art naturally and you are wearing it well!!!

  4. For so so long I've been told I couldn't be pretty because of my weight.
    People like you inspire me everyday and I'm slowly accepting who I am. You are stunning!
    Thank you.

  5. LOVE this outfit! Love your blog, I find it really inspirational! Happy Pancake day! Bianca - xxx

  6. Gorgeous! very nice sweater, I did saw the painting myself while travel europe! that clutch is everything!!!!!

  7. You are beautiful.
    No, sorry - I take that back.
    You are AMAZINGLY beautiful!!! ^_^

  8. Thank you so much! Now i know tha I musn't be "that skinny girl" and now I know I'm perfect! You inspired me