Wednesday, 17 June 2015

~ Summertime Gladness ~

So, my lovely man and I traveled to Montreal, Canada for a Lana Del Rey (my queen, my goddess, my muse and spirit animal) concert featuring Grimes (who was amazinggggg) a few weeks ago. Le sigh, Lana was absolutely perfect as usual...I left the concert on a complete high, feeling absolutely enchanted.

The day after the concert, the man and I decided to enjoy our last day in Montreal, and I decided to dress for the occasion. The air was extremely humid (gewww!) since it rained almost the entire time, so that meant the hair had to be UP. I put on one of my most comfortable dresses that I own: the Antoinette Dress from Chubby Cartwheels, and threw on a sleeveless kimono from Addition Elle for a little more romance and whimsy (always must have the romance and whimsy!)

I wore black leggings (my wardrobe and OOTD staple), wound an elastic rose headband around my bun (creative accessorizing!), put on my favourite gold-rose necklace from GUESS, and finished off the entire look by carrying around my phone in my favourite case from Moschino.

You can also find my look in the latest summer issue of Skorch Magazine, along with a #GameofThrones quiz I wrote! This issue is actually one of my favourite issues to date - SO many hot, sexy, gorgeous and confident body-positive babes in sexy summer-wear! Make sure you go check it out!


  1. So beautiful. Your face is amazing, your skintone, your eyes. Just gorgeous. xxx

  2. I just wanted to say I found your post about your legs and wanted to compliment you on how well it was written. For years I've had problems with my arms and legs and no matter what I would do nothing would help. Now I'm wondering if I have Lipedema also. I just found your blog tonight and I'm so glad I did. I wish there were more inspirational plus size women out there that aren't afraid to embrace their curves.