Wednesday, 17 June 2015

~ The Boleyn Dress From Chubby Cartwheels ~

So, my pride and joy "The Boleyn Dress," a collaborative design by myself (hello) and Shawna from Chubby Cartwheels, was a huge hit. And honestly, that doesn't surprise me. If I'm allowed to get a little cocky here (oh alright, pull my arm!) I knew that the dress would be well-received. If it's something that I really want and love, I can guarantee others will want and love it as well.

Once the dress was released, I asked my darling friend Shawna if she would make me some more (because I am obsessed with our dress) but using different fabrics: one in black mesh, one in black lace, and one in white lace. The results were every whimsical witch-bitch's dream.

There is just SO much you can do with this dress. You can wear it on it's own (with a bodysuit underneath, and leggings if you're so inclined). You can wear it over another dress, wear a skirt beneath it, or even wear it as a bathing suit cover up (for your witchy beach daze!). The dress is so versatile, and just so elegant and regal (and something you can't find anywhere else, I might add). And what's even better - you can now own one, too! The Boleyn dresses have now been re-released at Chubby Cartwheels in the black mesh and the black lace (because they are too fierce not to share with the world). Remember that Shawna hand-makes each and every dress, so you'll have to catch them when they are not sold out, and allow several weeks for it's creation. But trust me, it's worth it.


  1. I've been obsessed with this dress for months since I saw it on instagram, I love it. The black one with mesh is a great addition but I think I prefer the original one with polkadots.

  2. The black lace one is simply amazing and stunning! I love it! Must get my hands on it!

  3. It's so amazing! Its very high on my wishlist. I loved the original spotted one, but when the black mesh one was released, I'm sure I looked like the heart eyed emoji! Congrats on the collection and its success!

  4. Love the two black dresses! Very beautiful!