Wednesday, 9 September 2015

~ Vanity Planet Review ~

Well hello there all my lovelies! ^_^

Okay, so most of you have figured out by now that not only am I fashion-obsessed, but also beauty-obsessed. Throughout my young adult life, I have trialed and tried a plethora of various beauty products, always in hope of stumbling upon that Holy Grail of beauty that will change my life forever.

Well, I've been both disappointed and triumphant in my quest for beauty, and whenever I'm successful, I feel it my inner-most duty to share it with all of you. Because honestly, there's nothing I appreciate more than an honest word-of-mouth.

That's why when I was approached by Vanity Planet to test out one of their products, "Spin for Perfect Skin," I was a little skeptical at first. I mean, while some brands truly stand by what they sell, others are simply just trying to push a product that doesn't always work. But this was a skincare product very similar to a previous product I have used years ago (a Clarisonic), and so I was eager to see if it would prove to be beneficial as I've found the Clarisonic to be in the past.

As always when giving products a try, I decided to use the spin-brush for a trial-period of several weeks in order to see and notice results (if there were, in fact, any to notice at all). Gotta give it an honest go, after all.

 Well, I'm actually really thrilled to tell you guys that it works. Not only does my skin feel smoother, but using the spin-brush every night (when washing my face and taking off my makeup) has also visibly lessened the red bumps that I always have on my face. Just like the Clarisonic I've used in the past, you can definitely notice that this brush deep-cleans into your pores, removes more dirt, oil and makeup than simply by using your hands, and leaves your skin softer and visibly smoother.

No makeup, no filter selfie! Taken right after using the Spin for Perfect Skin!
What's even better about the Spin for Perfect Skin brush though, is that it comes with 4 different brushes: a cleansing brush, a body brush, an exfoliating brush, and a pumice stone (one of my personal favourites!). The brush heads pop easily in and out, so that I can interchange them easily when I'm in the shower. I use the pumice brush on my feet in the shower, and it's done wonders for keeping my feet smooth. The body brush is amazing for using on elbows. The brush is also water-proof, so you can take it into the shower with you and completely go to town. It also isn't on a "timer" as the Clarisonic is (something that always annoyed me) so you have complete control over the brush (which comes in handy when you're using it on your feet and body, especially). It's powered by batteries, which sounds a little annoying, but honestly - I've been using it everyday for weeks now, and it's still going strong. It also comes in some really cute colours, too.

The best part? The PRICE. I can tell you that the Spin for Perfect Skin brush has given me the same results on my face as the Clarisonic, only it's so much more affordable. While a Clarisonic generally ranges from $145.00-$185.00, the Spin For Perfect Skin brush (with all the heads!) is $100.00. BUT - what's even better is that Vanity Planet is offering a 70% off coupon-code to my followers who absolutely need this skincare brush in their life.

That makes this amazing brush only $30, you guys. $30.00!!! This is absolutely brilliant, because this makes it affordable for everyone. So if you're interested in picking up this gem (and absolute beauty must-have!) for yourself, here's the information:

Spin for Perfect Skin
Coupon Code: GlitterThread
70% discount off $100
Final cost - $30

(Oh, and just a little personal note - I don't get a percentage of the sales, so you can rest assured that this isn't some push to make some moolah for myself. I generally love this product, and really wanted you guys to take advantage of this amazing deal).

That's it for this beauty review, my darlings! Happy beautifying and staying gorgeous! MWAH! <3

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